Our custom aluminum .080 signs, come in single sided and double sided sheets. It’s a flat, rigid metal substrate that is lightweight and very strong with a baked-enamel finish made to withstand the elements for long term exterior and interior use. Our custom aluminum .080 signs are also available in many standard sizes, colors and finishes, and can have many different grades of reflective finishes applied to it. Aluminum can be easily fabricated into many shapes, and it is easily drilled, welded and routed. Easily painted or anodized, 0.080 aluminum is a top choice for durability, appearance and longevity.


Our custom cut metal signs and plates display directions, information, honors, and dedications clearly and prominently. These metal plaques are made from 0.0250" thick brass. To slow down natural developing patina, add lacquer to your outdoor sign.

Stainless Steel

We offer high-quality signs for any need or budget! Stainless steel is our most durable metal and can handle indoor or outdoor use. Stainless steel signs are rotary engraved and the letters are paint filled .Choose from 24 gauge (.0250" thickness) or 11 gauge (0.125" ) stainless steel.

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